Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 by Optimizing Indoor Air Quality

We spend most of our lives indoors, and try to ensure that our homes and offices are clean, comfortable and healthy. Yet indoor air quality is an aspect that we often overlook. Monitoring and maintaining good indoor air quality can reassure people that the spaces that they are entering are safe – and can provide quantitative evidence that people in a space are breathing clean air.

Baer Engineering has prepared a guide for anyone looking to understand and improve indoor air quality at their workplace or home.

Services Provided

Ventilation systems

We can tell you whether your existing ventilation is sufficient based on the number of people in your indoor space. We are certified to use SafeTraces veriDART, which provides a simulation as to what happens in an indoor space when someone coughs or sneezes. This is used to determine whether your ventilation system is able to clear infected air effectively over time. If your ventilation is sufficient, we can help you determine the ideal filters that should be used with your system. If your ventilation is insufficient, we can recommend and provide supplemental filtration devices. We are also able to conduct a detailed analysis of disease transmission hotspots in your indoor spaces.


Air monitoring sensors and filtration devices

We have extensive experience using AWAIR air quality monitors, and we are able to strategically place them in areas where indoor air quality may not be optimal. We can help you set up the AWAIR dashboard to easily monitor air quality in spaces of any size, from small offices to entire office buildings or warehouses! If you are interested in other air quality monitors, we can help determine their accuracy, and let you know if they comply with the WELL standard if you want to become WELL certified. If your ventilation is insufficient, we are able to set up and place appropriate supplemental filtration devices.

WELL standard

The WELL standard is evolving, and is transitioning to WELL v2. We can help you stay up to date with the latest revisions to the standard.


We can implement UV sterilization in air ducts to provide an added level of protection. Pathogens can be damaged to the point that they can no longer replicate when exposed to high intensity UVC light.