Facilities Engineering

Building owners and property managers face significant challenges to maintain and upgrade aging structures while complying with changing regulations and standards to remain competitive in today's real estate market. Our facility engineering services are focused at extending and maximizing the service life of buildings and components in cost effective and environmentally friendly ways.

Services Provided

  • Building Envelope Evaluations/Modifications
  • Construction Management/Monitoring
  • Damage Assessments
  • Litigation Support Services
  • Materials Failures/Forensics
  • Property Condition Assessments
  • Structural Evaluations/Modifications
  • Traffic Controls for Construction

Project Profiles

Water Infiltration Evaluation and Remedial Design and Construction Monitoring
This office building experienced significant water intrusion since its construction in 1999. Baer Engineering was retained to perform evaluations of existing construction, destructive testing, and water testing to document the causes of water intrusion into the building envelope. The information obtained was used to assess culpability for identified deficiencies. It was then reported to the project design firm and construction contractor. Our evaluations were also used as the basis for repair recommendations and preparation of remedial design documents. Baer Engineering provided construction monitoring services to document adequate completion of the remedial work.

Roof Evaluation and Design Services
Martin Junior High School was identified as one of Austin ISD's assets that needed roof repairs. Water intrusion had damaged the interior construction, creating potential indoor air quality and environmental health concerns for the students, faculty and staff. Baer Engineering was retained by the project architect to perform a detailed roof condition evaluation to identify deficiencies that could cause water intrusion and accelerated deterioration if not adequately addressed. Our staff performed a visual assessment of all roof surfaces and destructive testing to document the existing construction details for three types of roof systems of different ages. Baer Engineering developed project technical specifications and plans to detail the essential repairs and roof replacements and provided bid phase services, including bid evaluations and selection recommendation.

Exterior Wall Repairs and Site Drainage Improvements
The Sanchez Elementary School, of Austin ISD, experienced significant water intrusion along the north elevation of the building that caused fungal growth within the wall construction and compromised indoor air quality. Baer Engineering performed a complete building envelope evaluation to assess the building's condition and identify the deficiencies that allowed water to intrude into the buildings. The assessment included all roof surfaces and roof drainage systems, exterior masonry walls, and site drainage features. Project plans and specification were developed from the findings of the building envelope evaluation. Construction administration services were provided during execution of the remedial work.

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