Air pollution and its affects

Did you know air pollution, particularly ground-level ozone, is at its worst between April and October?  Air emissions from vehicle engines, electric generation units, industrial facilities, and many everyday activities contribute to the problem. In fact, on-road vehicles account for nearly 50% of ozone-forming emissions released in Central Texas.  Elevated ozone levels can have a significant impact on human health. When ozone levels are high many individuals may experience increased respiratory ailments.  Especially susceptible are children, older adults, and those with lung diseases like asthma.

Now is a good time to become air aware. Here are some steps you can take to learn about and reduce air pollution:

  • Take action by reducing drive alone trips and conserving electricity
  • Learn about the color coded air quality guide call the Air Quality Index (AQI) by going to
  • Check the daily air quality forecast every day by watching the local weather forecasts, sign up for air quality forecast emails from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, or download and use the AirNow app on your mobile device

For more information visit:

Happy Breathing!